United Human Holdings

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The United Human Holdings

The United Human Holdings (UHH) represent the many town- and city-states that make them up. They are referred to as “Holds,” because in their infancy it was common to have to hold your homestead against other newly Exiled folk who were vying for (and willing to kill and trick and steal for) the most strategic plots. Since their unification, the each Hold has a mayor, regardless of population — that is, if the hold can defend or manage its resources well enough to be regarded as a hold, it can be made up of 200 people or 2,000. Each hold has a number of respective votes and they elect a Viceroy who serves until death or, as rumor may falsely have it, release from imprisonment in Infra.

The Holds boast a wide variety of people and items; every kind of being that exists in Infra can be found in the Holds in some capacity, along with the wares and weapons and merchandise of their people. Dark Elven traders and envoys, Thri-kreen who are experiencing life away from their clutch, Shadar-kai who are buying or bullying for supplies, Gnolls who are offering their services as mercenaries and guards, even Tieflings offering to teach the arcane arts are somewhere in the more metropolitan Holds.

Though they are called “United” Human Holdings, the Holds operate nearly autonomously from one another and make decisions and decrees and treaties of their own accord. The Viceroy has some kinds of ultimate authority, but not enough to be considered the King. He or she is elected to “speak for the Holds” as a single individual, but often times the mayor of a Hold may be secretly negotiating his own bargains beneath that of the entire UHH’s.

The Holds’ proximity to the Stair means they have ever relied upon the food that the surface gives them. The Hold acts as the sole distributor of food to the rest of the peoples in Infra, though the Drow and Thri-kreen have found semi-temporary ways to cope with any loss of food in their centuries of life in the World-Beneath-the-World.

Holds of Importance

Commander: Rodrig Hirsten (Serf who was ‘Promoted’ to a Clerical Position in Infra)
Population: 7,500 (perm.) 15,000 (transient)
Symbol: Spiral Staircase

Mayor: Jack Bartinsson (Grandson of an Exiled Political Figure)
Population: 4,000
Symbol: Silo

Mayor: Roark Graytin (Exiled Thief)
Population: 750
Symbol: Sword Haft

Mayor: Geryd Halt (Son of a Betrayed and Imprisoned Noble)
Population: 5,575
Symbol: Cracked Shield

Mayor: Frivolous Drake
Population: 1,450
Symbol: Stacks of Coin

United Human Holdings

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