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Welcome to the Holds, Exile

Either you’re some poor fool who were dumb enough to be caught or you just relished the idea of being thrown down here with the rest of the scum.

Me? Oh, I been down here since I’s born. One of the Exiles who’ve never known nothing but this dark and its nasty beasts. I reckon that the Surfs don’t want no one who were bad ever giving birth to someone bad on the surface again, so here I am…

…but, it ain’t all awful. I find you new bloods and give you a bit of the sound — for some coin or protection, ’course… So, what do you need to know?

Peoples of Infra

Drow — These black Elves were the first ones thrown down here. They’re not so bad a lot of pointy-ears… now.

Exiles — Well, ‘yer standing with one of’m! You’re probably one of’m… unless that mop on your head’s actually fur…

Shadar-kai — Now there’s a bunch of weird-os. They figure they’ve got life all figgered out no rules, no bosses, no morals. Other than that, they’re pretty much just like you an’ me.

Gnolls — If these furry bastards were a problem back on the surface, well, down here they’re just mean. They ain’t many, but they’re trouble when they is.

Tieflings — Those demon-people? They’re a rare lot, but that don’t mean you won’t see a couple here in the Holds.

Thri-kreen — Backward folk! If you can even call’m folk, those trogs eat each other as readily as they eat the shipments from the Surface. My gran-da’ used to tell me ’bout flies and beetles, what lived on the surface — said they’re like them, but huge.

Ancient Peoples of Infra

Mechanical Men — I hear there’s stone pictures of these fellows what look like contraptions in ruins ’bout the Atria.

The Others — Them same pictures apparently show other folk, weird folk, what look like monsters, but tall and thin. A bit like a pointy-ear!

Nations of Infra

United Human Holdings — You’re standin’ in’m right now, by one chance or another. Not really as “united” as we like to make everyone think, but we do all right. You can find just about everything and everyone you’d ever need to know here in the Holds.

Drow Empire — They were the first ones to get thrown down here, eons ago, and it shows — they’ve sculpted the caves to be prettier’n anything you’d find down here natural.

Thri-kreen Tribes — Those bug people… they been down here longer’n anyone’s sure and they still barely know how to hold a sword. There’s talk that they’ve been getting pretty vocal about something, though.

Regions of Infra

The Atria — The main galleries here in the World-Beneath-the-World. These are the most explored and mapped of the caverns of Infra and boast rivers and streams, valleys and honeycombs, even stalagmites the size of mountains!

The Reach — That’s a wild place, The Reach is. There’re some folk from the different nations out that way, but by and large it serves as a buffer ’twixt us and the Farther.

The Farther — No one goes there, trog. Best keep your mind grounded right here, in the Holds.

The Hive — The Hive’s what most common folk call the Thri-kreen homes. They don’t rightly have much flat surface, so they live in what they can – caves, holes, burrows, whatever they’d call it. Some of it’s natural, for sure, the rest – who knows? Maybe the Thri-kreen dug up the Hive centuries past.

Places of Import

The Great Stairway — This is how you got here, berk! The Drow got away from it years and years ago, so the Holds sprung up around it.

Notable Organizations

The Tooth Breakers — Those’re the meanest lot of thugs-for-hire you’ll meet down here, or I’m not the son of the son of a liar and thief. Led by the nastiest Gnoll you ever seen, too!

SPIDRE — Well, you didn’t hear it from me, berk, but the chant goes something like the ol’ Sourceror-King of them Dark Elves has his self a fine group of elven spies what operate nearly independent-like from the rest of the empire.

Haruspices — You know, I hear from one Ex’ that they ain’t never heard of no Augur, I hear from the next that his da’s one of the ones what put the last one out in the Farther and they’s all still living out there, commune-like. Who knows, honestly.

Surfs — They don’t want a body to know it, but the Surfs still have interests down here what leave them no choice but to send emissaries to our beautiful home — sometimes they don’t make it back up, though…

Delvers Guild — Those trogs call them selves a guild, but they’re hardly that. Every minor noble or trader in Infra has his fingers or claws tied up in the Delvers, one way or another. They’re the only fools what can find fools that are dumb enough to explore the Reach, sometimes even the Farther!

The Clutch — Those crazed Thri-kreen warlords who’re raising the chant about sovereignty for their whole specie rule so many different tribes, now, that they just call’em selves click, clickity clack chat… Hah, just pullin’yer shackle, they say in common they call themselves, “The Clutch.”

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