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The Haruspices

The Haurpsices, or Augurs (called thus as a cruel parody of the verb), are a group of Tiefling born-warlocks who contain such power within them that they are, by choice of all bodies of power in Infra, sent to live in exile of even the exiles. The Augurs are locked in a massive gallery that is guarded by a fort manned by mercenaries from every corner of the World-Beneath-the-World. The Augurs live mostly ascetic, singular lives away from each other. However, they have come together recently, ignoring even the offerings of food their watchers leave at the mouth of the gallery, for some inexplicable reason. Surely this does not bode well.

Despair is the youngest of the Augurs. Despair is called so because his parents tried desperately to hide him from society. They convinced themselves that he wasn’t an Augur, but they eventually paid the price for their love – Despair, in an explosive display of his powers, accidentally incinerated them. Since then, he has lived in Despair, even after his introduction to people like him.

Fear is the cruelest of the Augurs. Fear is called such because before his imprisonment he drove the inhabitants of his village to nearly killing each other in fear of him. He had domineered the minds of the strong and bullied the weak into subservience. If an escapee had not appeared at the gates of the united human holdings pleading for safe-haven, he may have risen to become a terrible power in Infra.

Hope is the darkest of the Augurs. She is called such for she engendered in the entirety of Infra the hope that someone with as much power as she wields could co-exist peacefully in the World-Beneath-the-World. It turned out this was a lie when they realized that she using illusory magic to hide her dark habits from those near enough to see them. Hope is considered one of the vilest creatures to exist in Infra.

Reverence is the humblest of the Augurs. Reverence tried desperately to keep from being put in with the rest of the Augurs, masking his powers and hoping they would disappear. He paraded successfully as a wanderer for many years before some accident in the Dark Elven lands found him in the far galleries of the Augurs.

Sorrow is the kindest of the Augurs. Sorrow is called such because, though it was necessary for him to join the rest of the Augurs, the peoples of Infra were sad to see him go. Despite his potential for atrocity, Sorrow had the ability to empathize with other sentient people indescribably. He was able to heal the most acidic of emotional wounds. However, none of this outweighed the threat he possessed, leading him to exile.

Torment is the oldest of the Augurs. She is called such because she, when her fate was determined (as the first of the Augurs), fought despicably against it, murdering hundreds upon hundreds of her captors. When she was finally subdued, she toyed with the minds of those guarding her transportation, forcing them to relive the deaths of all those she had murdered. This led to their physical torture of her before she reached the gate – Torment is the most emotionally and physically scarred of all the Augurs and, therefore, hates interaction, even with her fellow exiles.


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