Risold's First Entry

Great I’ve been teamed up with a big group of people, Which is the last thing I wanted to do while searching for my relic. Unfortunately the best information I have found has come from a female Drow who has promised information upon helping her dolt of an “operative”.

He lead us to a Drow church of sorts. I found many relics but nothing close to what I was seeking. I was told by an attendant that another Drow named Honnometh may know of the relic I speak. Upon asking he seemed to withhold information from me but, that just might be the distrust I generally have for all beings. They always want to hold information that won’t give them any gain. If I do find my relic I may bring it back to him to find out more of what he knows.

In the mean time, Honnometh has asked us to find out what has happened to his correspondent that has stopped writing to him. I didn’t care much about this matter until coming to broken down keep we had been asked to investigate. Outside were some pillars that reminded me a bit of the relic but the lines and overall style don’t seem to match up. Hopefully I’ll find some answers here sooner than later so I can ditch these losers and get on with my life.

So far I have only had the pleasure of having hallucinogenic darts fired at me while the Drow fiddled with what was very obviously a trap door…

I mean I’ve eaten some stuff out in the reach that have given me some pretty vivid visuals, but this time it was so real I could feel it. I attempted to halt the warrior flying at me but he stuck me with his axe and I swear I could feel the gash burning in my chest. It was madness.


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