Shadar-kai Druid


29 year old male, 5’11", 165lbs. Unaligned. Uses a staff for hiking and in battle!


Just because we have no sun like those topsiders do, doesn’t mean that it isn’t plain to see just how beautiful our world is down here. Well most of it anyways. Out here in the reach you find something new every day. Something to learn, something to respect, something to fear, something to master. Each day presents itself with new challenges, and knowing your surroundings and all that lay there in is the only way you can face those challenges head on. Hopefully this knowledge will give you the upper hand, or at least the wit to be smart enough to know when and where to retreat.

I didn’t always love the reach. It’s not my original home. I can remember when I was quite scared of it actually. I’ve been here so long that I can’t quite remember where my original home was… not that it really matters considering I’ve watched it as it burned to the ground, just before being taken off by those brutes. The Thri-Kreen tribe that rounded up my family and I were vicious. I believe they wanted to sell us off into slavery but, at that time I couldn’t understand their language like I can today. (know your potential enemies) They just kept barking indecipherable orders to my parents and I. Father may have understood some of what they said. He must have, otherwise he wouldn’t have jumped onto that ugly one when he did. Father took him clean out but, he never stood a chance against the four equally as ugly brutes that ended his insubordination.

I shudder to think of what happened to Mother. They dragged her away and left me teary-eyed in a completely alien place. I walked for miles in what seemed like a desolate world at the time. The only remnants I could find of mother were strips of her clothing here and there.

I always look back on the trail of her cloth as the first trail that I learned to track out here in the reach. It was the very ending of my childhood and a forced push into fending for myself. Now I have learned to follow much more advanced trails and have mapped much of the reach myself. As well as found some towns where I can trade my maps and other goods in for other necessities.

One of which towns, I am in now. I had never thought I would stay in a town as long for this long… I had been living out in the wilds of the reach until exactly one week ago. I had taken up living in the very cave I had taken refuge in that horrible night that my family was ripped apart. It was the only place I had really. I kept the trinkets that I had found and rare stones in that cave. I kept my most prized possession there as well. A stone carving that I found near the farther. I have learned much of this world and that carving is the only thing that does not seem to fit into it.

I thought my cave was well camouflaged, but apparently not well enough. Last week it was raided, by whom I don’t know, but I do intend to find out. They took all my possessions including my carving and claimed it as their own. Now I’m here in town looking for information as to where my carving may be, but so far nothing good has come from the people here. People in general are so useless and unaware of their surroundings. Unaware that at any second someone around them may decide they want what another has. Whether it be something of value, or that persons very life.

DOLTS! All of them. Trust is not something that should be taken for granted.


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