Commander Hirsten

Surfacer promoted to Commander of the Great Stairway and leader of Lastep.


Rodrig Hirsten’s years of service in surface armies is evident in his choice of attire: he is never seen behind a desk in linens, rather he is always clad in custom made armor and wielding his ‘Talker,’ a large mace that he isn’t afraid to use to keep newcomers in line.

Commander Hirsten has watched over the Great Stair for many years now, ensuring a smooth flow of food and prisoners in. Occasionally a Surfacer will come down with a desire to study or explore and Hirsten is the first of many to greet and attempt to dissuade them. Though the inhabitants of the World-Beneath-the-World don’t necessarily worry about falling prey to anything in their day-to-day lives, tourists tend to get into more trouble than anyone knows what to do with. It is the Commander’s job to see that that keeps from happening. He is a rarity in Infra in that he is a Surfacer himself, who was assigned the position of Stairway Commander. It is considered by some to be a reverential position and by others to be punishment. Hirsten hasn’t told anyone which way he feels about it in his time here – just that it’s his job and he’ll do it as best he can.

Commander Hirsten

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