A SPIDRE Operative in the Drow Empire of Infra.


Alauniira is a headmaster in SPIDRE, coordinating Operative efforts throughout the entirety of the Drow Empire and the rest of the World-Beneath-the-World. This has brought her into direct contact with many of the greatest names to have lived in the underworld. She is a collector of information, brokering deals left and right to attain the latest bit of useful gab.

Alauniira is middle-aged by Drow standards but, like most elves, still retains her beauty and air of royalty. Like most Drow she has shock white hair that falls in choppy locks around her shoulders and her eyes are a blazing blue.

She, like all SPIDRE headmasters, is responsible for the coordination and training of select numbers of new initiates and is one in a number of seats that judges initiate progress and determines whether or not they will make ideal operatives.


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