The Trail of Tears


The Drow are exiling all the non-Drow out of the city. Self-righteous pigs, just like humans. Saren managed to trick the guards into thinking he was escorting us out, so we escaped with our lives and bodies intact. Just outside the city Clicks had some sort of psychotic breakdown, and got us into a huge fight. Zarra started lighting things on fire, and once the smoke cleared, she did too. I think Risold might have had something to do with that. Grumpy old bastard. The Thri-kreen was missing, too.

Those of us left tried our best to blend in with the crowd and keep from causing any more trouble until we could figure out how to find our missing cohorts. Blending in apparently isn’t our best trick, though, because before long we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by unfriendly eyes. The Gnoll started snapping and Saren drew his knife, but we were outnumbered.

I awoke in darkness. Oh, yeah, this is new, I thought. The stench of raw meat and ale filled my nose, and sounds of drunken laughter and other raucous chatter wafted in. I shook the hood from my head, and peered around to find Clicks chewing on the remains of his. I noted a cheese knife nearby, but while I was contemplating whether I could get to my feet with the way my hands were tied, in walked a greasy-looking Shadar’kai and a burly Gnoll, followed by a human exile with a very beardy smile. They removed everyone else’s hoods and I was surprised to find Zarra with us once more, as well as a quiet, dark human whom I later learned was called Marc.

Beardy introduced himself as Erol Deepholm, a merchant. He informed us that we were in the Crystal City and he needed our help. He mentioned strange occurrences of people standing still in the streets when they should be sleeping and fights breaking out, but no one remembering them. After some deliberation, we decided it sounded a lot like some things we’d been experiencing, and it might bring us to discover the mysteries Saren’s handler first set us out to find. Erol told us he thinks the epicenter of these happenings is in the Lake District. We’re headed there now.



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